On earning calls, investors were demanding ever increasing clarity on risk and earning-drivers from our client. However, preparing additional scenarios in our client’s legacy detail planning process was time consuming, and offline strategic spreadsheets lacked the requisite detail to be accurate.



  • UI’s Strategic Dashboard solution provided managers a browser-based portal to apply ad-hoc assumptions directly into their detailed financial model and immediately see the resulting variances from base.

  • Implementing Deep Variance Analysis allowed stakeholders to discover how input differences (e.g. – interest and tax rates, the inclusion of large projects, etc.) were affecting key business metrics.

  • UIPlanner’s Multi-Trial Framework provided analysts the ability to run sensitivity analyses and Monte Carlo simulations on their financial model to identify enterprise financial risks.

Management was able to set working session meetings to run a host of ad-hoc analyses and see real-time results. The client was able to judge the likelihood of specific risks, measure adverse financial and regulatory outcomes and determine an appropriate preventative action.