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Produce multi-year forecasts automatically integrated across your business or all companies in your consolidation structure. Run ad-hoc scenarios quickly and easily, with varying assumptions and methodologies. Compare results side by side, with full transparency so you can drill down to the source.

CASE 1 Efficient Monthly Forecasts

A lengthy financial forecasting process impacted our client’s ability to respond quickly to management’s business needs. Their skilled analysts labored — collecting forecasts from other departments, layering in newly available actual data and relying on trial and error — to target key business objectives, such as determining a capitalization forecast that would satisfy regulatory constraints.


  • UIPlanner’s Financial Model integrated with the client’s ERP and plant accounting systems to automate the actualization process.

  • PlannerDash’s browser-based data interface enabled other departments to directly enter their own forecast data, freeing financial analysts from data collection tasks.

  • The system’s fast processing engine and powerful iterative goal seeking logic allowed for automated financing and convergence of regulatory constraints.

A much faster and automated monthly forecasting process allowed the team to spend more time analyzing drivers and improving their forecast, and less time on manual data management.

CASE 2 Multidimensional Planning

With their existing high-level planning model, frequent and material variances from forecast were making it hard for our client to predict their financial position in the future and to communicate this to senior management and other stakeholders.


  • UIPlanner’s Multidimensional Model provided the ability to actualize and forecast at sub-ledger detail, tracking additional ledger dimensions including cost element, planning order and plant account.

  • The Multidimensional Model produced fully allocated and balanced financial statements by business unit and regulatory filing.

  • The additional dimensions in the model supported automated cash and earning walks which clarified the reason behind every variance.

Automating variance report creation at the detailed level enabled analysts to isolate variance drivers, greatly improving explanations to senior management. Accurate variance explanations improved strategic decision making and forecast accuracy.

CASE 3 Outgrowing Spreadsheet Models

In performing routine, monthly analyses, our client was frequently facing limitations with their spreadsheet-based financial modeling solution. As Excel power-users, analysts valued spreadsheet functionality, but their need to address large datasets, collaborate on multiple scenarios and eliminate accounting errors meant they had outgrown a spreadsheet-based approach.


  • UIPlanner’s Financial Model processed complex calculations over several years of detailed actual and forecast data, while achieving much faster run times than their previous model.

  • UIPlanner’s dual entry accounting and flexible planning ledger allowed the client to build financial statements at the SEC line item level, producing consistent and accurate financial statements.

  • The secure and collaborative platform provided data editing and reporting in Excel and a spreadsheet-like Calculation Editor where analysts could manage formulas, making the Excel experts comfortable on day one.

Analysts were no longer constrained by data volumes, processing complexity or tools best suited for a single user. The need for change management was minimized, as the best aspects of their spreadsheet-based tools were maintained. The new process allowed the team to work concurrently and eliminated the burden of manually ensuring a correct set of financials.

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