Why UI


Be more strategic by

  • Shortening response time to “what-if” questions

  • Supporting both top-down and bottom-up planning

Strengthen your economics by

  • Quickly identifying profitability of business segments

  • Assessing potential future outcomes

  • Improving controls over revenue and costs

Increase human capital by

  • Sharing knowledge through transparent calculations

  • Expanding awareness of interdependencies of related processes

Lower total cost of ownership by

  • Eliminating the need for custom code

  • Allowing easy configuration and maintenance

  • Empowering analysts to easily change logic and adapt to business changes

Get more productive with less effort by

  • Reducing clerical time and increasing analysis time

  • Avoiding redundant efforts caused by overlapping tools and processes


See the power of

UIPlanner and PlannerDash

UIPlanner vs. Conventional Software